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1. Our workspace app is the trusty sidekick you need to keep your workplace running smoothly. With hot desking, meeting room reservations, visitor management, and more – we’ve got all the tools you need to save the day. "Out of the box" integration with our sensors insures adoption.

Hot Desks | Room Booking | Visitor Management

Sensor Dashboard

2. Smart, privacy-first occupancy and environmental sensor for all spaces. 90% Lower installation costs than competitors. 5 Year battery life means no maintenance for years. 30% Potential real estate savings based on average occupancy trends. Integrate with room & desk booking app to ensure adoption.

UVC Dashboard

3. Outfit your spaces with continuous UV-C air and surface disinfection to provide the healthy environments your employees need to work and collaborate productively. UV-C efficiently achieves hospital-grade levels of disinfection without the expensive and unsustainable energy consumption of mechanical ventilation.

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Bring Life Back to Your Spaces

The only way to optimize your real estate portfolio is to connect your hybrid workforce, not only with each other, but your space, in addition to measuring the way people use your spaces today. Our comprehensive platform includes:

  1. Hybrid Workplace App: Room & desk booking plus visitor management.
  2. AI powered sensors for automated check-ins, room release and space utilization insights for better design.
  3. Intelligent disinfection platform and connected data platform provides risk intelligence so you can optimize for utilization and disinfection.

Understanding how your office runs and what kind of space you actually need could lead you to a 30% reduction in real estate costs.

Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19 - McKinsey

Understand space usage.

Occupancy and space utilization sensors.

Instead of measuring occupancy by how much space you assign, optimize based on how many people actually show up, and how often. Unlike badge data which only provides occupancy rates, sensors tell you when people are in the office, what conference rooms are used most often, what workspaces are under or overused and gives you insight into how you can optimize your office.


WorkPoint Sensor Use Cases

"WorkPoints" use passive infrared sensing to determine human presence, ideal for where you only expect one occupant.

  • Measure utilization of individual resources, like desks and phone booths, for future real estate and furniture decisions.
  • Enable successful "hot-desking" personal working spaces available to employees in rea-time via APIs with space booking systems.

People Counter Sensor Use Cases

"Counters" are privacy first, intelligent people counting devices that use thermal technology and AI to measure the number of occupants in a space.

  • Understand relative demand for shared vs. private spaces to inform real estate planning decisions.
  • Optimize spaces according to demand for employee satisfaction and successful return to office.
  • Maximize use of in-demand conference rooms by eliminating "ghost meetings" and single occupant usage.

Helping Companies Return to the Workplace with Live Streaming Occupancy Data

Make the most of your workspace with occupancy and utilization sensors. These sensors go beyond simply tracking how your space is used. They help optimize space usage and improve operational efficiencies. With an open API architecture, you can gain significant improvements in employee productivity and maximize your space utilization, through live data streaming and workspace app integrations.

CoWorkr Kiosk

Help Workers Find a Safe and Available Space by Presenting Them With Live Data

Live floorplans use real-time occupancy data to show you which spaces are being used across your workplace.

  • View Live occupancy on your floorplans.
  • Kiosk view settings to deploy across digital signage.
  • Locate crowded or empty area.
  • View live occupancy of other floors.
  • Integrate with workspace apps and locate coworkers for better collaboration.

Use Daily Heat Maps for Operational Efficiencies in Janitorial Services

View daily floor plans that visualize the amount of utilization each space has seen that day.

  • Visualize occupancy data on floorplans.
  • Customize use time frames.
  • Adjust cleaning area size per location.
  • Export plans to PDF.
  • Share link to App.
Integrate with top workspace apps

Unlock more value with simple API-based integrations with top workplace apps


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