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MillerKnoll Certified Dealer


Close deals faster and get more clients

Experience lightning-fast deal closure and attract more clients with our cutting-edge AI-powered planning tool that includes virtual tours and custom office layout plans, delivered right to you within 48 hours.


Get an office layout plan & virtual tour in 48 hours

Who needs a crystal ball when you have our AI-planning tool? In just 48 hours, you can give your clients virtual tours and killer office layout plans! Move over Nostradamus, our tool helps your clients make their next big move quickly and easily. Because let's be real, a better experience equals more clients!  No need to stress about expenses. Our valued broker partners enjoy the perk of accessing our tool for free!


3D Virtual Tours

Automatically generated 3D virtual tours that bring each test fit to life, providing an interactive and realistic experience.


3 Test Fit Alternatives

Optimized by AI-powered engines that automatically create, compare, and assess every option to produce the test fits.


Performance Analysis

A complete analytic report which compares each alternative's attributes, helping your clients make informed, data-driven decisions.


Real time edits & budgets for confident decision making

Collaborate in real time with our designers using 3D live design software with instantaneous budgets. Our designers drag & drop real 3D furniture models with specification and pricing data into your clients plans. We make the process easy. Benhar Office has the team, products and the technology to help you deliver exceptional client experiences.


Get a Test Fit & Virtual Tour Now

Get your tenants the ideal space lightning fast! Our program form guarantees a top-notch test fit, space analytics, and an mind-boggling virtual tour in just 48 hours. Simply fill out this form and receive the program tool link for your client to submit.