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Phone Booth: A Comprehensive guide to selecting privacy solutions

September 28, 2023

The open floor plan has become almost ubiquitous in modern offices, fostering collaboration and creativity. But while this open environment may be ideal for some tasks, it is not always conducive to others, such as private phone calls or concentrated work. Fortunately, office phone booths offer a solution to this problem, providing a designated space for focused work and confidential conversations. However, with so many options available, choosing the right phone booth for your office can be a challenge. In this article, we will explore the world of office phone booths, from their key features and benefits to how to choose the best one for your needs.


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What is an Office Phone Booth?

An office phone booth is a small, enclosed space designed specifically for phone or video calls, focused work, or private conversations. Unlike traditional offices or cubicles, phone booths are typically small and compact, and can be placed anywhere in the office without the need for major construction or remodeling. Office phone booths come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from freestanding units to wall-mounted options, and are available in a variety of materials, including glass, steel, and wood.

Are they soundproof?

Yes, soundproofing is crucial. Office phone booths use materials like acoustic foam or sound-absorbing fabrics to reduce noise. Some even include white noise or ambient soundscapes for added privacy.

What are the best office phone booths?

Selecting the ideal office phone booth depends on various factors like office size, work type, and budget. Here are some standout options, including the additions:

  1. Framery O: A freestanding booth equipped with a ventilation system, noise-cancelling technology, and ample space for comfortable use. The booth also features LED lighting.

  2. Zenbooth Solo: An affordable, single-person phone booth option that offers soundproofing with a ventilation system, acoustic panels, and a noise-blocking door.

  3. Room: A modular phone booth system that can be customized to suit your workplace's needs. These booths feature soundproofing materials, air circulation systems, and LED lighting.

  4. Silent SILO from Filzfelt: Silent SILO offers an elegant and customizable design with soundproofing features. Its minimalist aesthetics blend well with modern office spaces.

  5. Buzzinest from Buzzispace: Buzzinest boasts a sleek design and effective soundproofing. It provides a cozy, private space for phone calls and focused work.


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Office phone booths provide a simple and effective solution for workplaces looking to create private spaces for phone calls, video conferences, and focused work. The best phone booth for your office will depend on a variety of factors, such as size, shape, and budget, so take the time to research different options before making a decision. By investing in office phone booths or other noise-limiting strategies, you can help foster a quieter, more productive workplace for all employees.

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